London Links

I’m going to be visiting London for a few days. Here are links to some articles and other resources:

A. Articles: Architecture, development, etc.

1. “How a high-rise craze is ruining London’s skyline” (The Guardian, December 1, 2012)

B. Podcasts

1. “Doreen Massey: London Inside Out” (ICA, 9 September 2005)

2. “John Akomfrah: Do You Like London?” (ICA, 8 September 2005)

3. “London walks podcast: Poetry and literature in Kensington Gardens” (23 February 2011)

4. London walks podcast: Oxford Circus (15 November 2010)

5. London walks podcast: Coffee house tour (25 October 2010)

6. London walks podcast: Iain Sinclair’s Thames (8 October 2010)

7. London Travel Guide

8. Podcast: The London Travel Expert

9. “Ola From London” (“In this episode I interview Ola, a British comic of Nigerian descent, and we talk about everything from starting comedy while at the London School of Economics to getting slashed with a beer bottle after a show to British black history.”)

10. “The business of travel: London” (3 January 2007)

11. Penguin Podcast No. 6: Eyewitness London Welcome to a travel special from Penguin, an audio travel guide from our sister company Dorling Kindersley, giving you a walking tour along London’s Southbank. The walk starts at Westminster Bridge.

C. Attractions to Visit (and nearby Tube stops)

1. British Film Institute (Waterloo)

D. Bookstores

1. Blackwell’s Charing Cross Road (Leicester Square; Covent Garden)

2. Skoob Books (Russell Square; right near the British Museum)

3. Daunt Books (travel bookshop organized by country) (Baker Street)

4. Foyles (113-119 Charing Cross Road) (Tottenham Court Road)

5. Stanfords (12-14 Long Acre) (Covent Garden or Leicester Square)

E. Miscellaneous Links to Be Added


2. how to use the tube:

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